Our Story

Step into the heart of Krafted Kitchen and discover the narrative that has shaped our culinary journey. Originally founded in 2011 as Chez Hospitality Group, our story evolved in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. In 2020, Krafted Kitchen emerged as a beacon of innovation, offering not only exceptional catering and banquets but also heat n' eat prepared meals under the name Chez2Go.

As the world navigated uncertain times, our commitment to keeping our staff working and our community nourished led to the establishment of Krafted Kitchen. In addition to expanding our corporate catering services, we acquired a food truck and pig roaster, further diversifying our offerings. The opening of Penthouse650, a stunning banquet facility in downtown Springfield, marked another milestone in our journey.

Our founder, Marc Sparks, started as a server in the industry and, with dedication and vision, eventually became the owner. Marc's story reflects our company values of mentorship, opportunity, and the belief that collective strength fosters success. We believe that food is the common denominator of all mankind, and our passion for hospitality is the driving force behind everything we do.

From humble beginnings to a thriving culinary destination, Krafted Kitchen is more than a business – it's a community hub where memories are made, relationships are nurtured, and the art of hospitality comes to life. Join us on this remarkable journey, explore our seasonal menus, and be part of a narrative where good food meets great moments.

Our Mission

At Krafted Kitchen, our mission is to transcend the ordinary, crafting culinary experiences that go beyond mere sustenance. We are driven by the belief that good food has the power to create lasting memories and strengthen connections. With a commitment to accessibility, convenience, and the joy of thriving rather than just surviving, we strive to provide chef-crafted excellence to every table. From our humble beginnings as Chez Hospitality Group to the evolution of Krafted Kitchen, our passion for hospitality fuels our desire to build meaningful relationships and serve our community through the universal language of food. Welcome to a culinary journey where each dish tells a story, and every moment is an opportunity to savor life's extraordinary flavors.

Our Values

At Krafted Kitchen, our values are woven into the fabric of everything we do. We believe in the transformative power of exceptional hospitality, fostering an environment where mentorship, opportunity, and collaboration thrive. Our commitment to serving the community through the universal language of food drives us to continuously innovate, ensuring that every dish tells a story of passion and precision. We embrace the notion that 9 heads are better than 1, and 99 are better than 9, valuing diverse perspectives and collective strength. With integrity at our core, we aim to create not just meals, but memorable experiences that resonate with authenticity, warmth, and the belief that food is the common denominator of all mankind. At Krafted Kitchen, our values guide us in crafting extraordinary moments and fostering enduring relationships.

Awards & Recognitions

More than just a culinary destination, Krafted Kitchen is a celebration of community and connection. At the heart of Connecticut, our kitchen is a hub of creativity, dedicated to crafting scratch-made, chef-crafted meals that embody the perfect blend of flavor, quality, and innovation. Join us on this gastronomic journey, where every meal tells a story of passion, precision, and unparalleled taste.

Culinary Excellence

Krafted Kitchen was honored with the prestigious Culinary Excellence Award, recognizing our unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional, chef-crafted meals. This accolade celebrates our dedication to flavor, innovation, and the artistry that defines our culinary creations.

Community Impact

Krafted Kitchen received notable recognition for our significant impact on the local community. Our initiatives, such as providing meals during challenging times and supporting local events, have contributed to building stronger connections and enhancing the well-being of the communities we serve.

Visit Us

Krafted Kitchen 122 Prospect Hill Rd, Suite A East Windsor, Connecticut 06088



How can I place an online order for Krafted Kitchen's prepared meals?

Ordering online is easy! Simply visit our website, browse our menu, and select your desired items. Add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. You can choose between curbside pickup, delivery, or partnering with major delivery apps.

Are there vegetarian or dietary-restricted options available in your menu?

Absolutely! We take pride in catering to diverse preferences. Our menu includes a variety of vegetarian and dietary-restricted options. Look for specific labels and details in the menu descriptions.

What areas do you offer delivery to, and what are the associated costs?

We provide low-cost delivery options for all holiday and corporate orders within Northern CT or Western MA. Additionally, our in-house team handles deliveries. For exact costs and areas covered, please refer to the delivery section during the online checkout process.

Can I order catering services for events outside your brick-and-mortar location?

Certainly! We offer full-service catering for events held at various locations, including your home or venues that allow outside catering. Our experienced team can customize services to suit your needs, whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or intimate gathering.

What payment methods do you accept, and do you offer any financial assistance options?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Cash App, and Apple Pay. We are proud to support financial accessibility and accept EBT, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our delicious food and experience a stress-free holiday.

Join Our Team

Become a vital part of the Krafted Kitchen family! We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals who share our love for culinary excellence and dedication to creating remarkable dining experiences. If you are a chef, culinary artist, or someone with a flair for exceptional hospitality, consider joining our dynamic team. Connect with us and we'll create culinary magic together!

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